Steven Szabo – ACA Teaching Awards – Music Secondary

ACA Teaching Awards – Music Secondary

Steven Szabo – John McCrae Secondary School

Steven Szabo’s exceptional contribution to Music education at John McCrae Secondary School has been acknowledged by parents and colleagues.

Szabo motivates his students to expand their music repertoire — and encourages them to learn to play additional instruments and to compose original music. He affords his students an opportunity to play in a variety of

ensembles and encourages them to play in bands outside the school.

Mr. Szabo often imparts his passion by writing original music for his bands to play at Festivals. Through this symbiotic relationship of composer and musician, Szabo has created a very special learning experience. Professional clinicians have noted that McCrae students are motivated to bring the music on the page to life because it was often written exclusively for them.

This initiative has been very successful, as Szabo’s students have achieved the impressive gold standard at both the regional and national music festivals.

His students feel comfortable and confident seeking his advice after graduation. At present four of Szabo’s graduates are enrolled at Humber College’s Jazz Performace program, a true testament to his mentorship.

He is an excellent music teacher and most deserving of this award because of the leadership he has shown in the arts.