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Contact chair@acaottawa.ca with any questions not answered here.

2018 is the first year for the digitized form. This page will be updated to reflect all of the bugs that you help us find in this first year. We appreciate your dedication to the arts as essential processes for learning and well-being AS WELL as your helping us trouble-shoot the form and provide us with feedback.

General questions of interest:

  • Are the Arts Recognition Award juried?

    Yes. The jurors are members of the Ottawa arts community and their names and bios will be posted at a later date.

  • Will there be prizes?

    OCDSB does not provide prizes for any of their awards. We provide certificates.

Questions about the nomination form:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award:

    • What date should I put in?
      Put in today’s date. You can explain in the 4th section how this nominee has contributed over a lifetime and when they started.
    • Questions in part 4 don’t feel like they apply very well to the Lifetime Achievement award. What do I do?
      Yes. The Lifetime Achievement award stands out as different. Conceptualize how that person’s entire lifetime is a “project” dedicated to the arts.