Arts Recognition Awards

What are these awards? These awards are presented annually by the Advisory Committee on the Arts to individuals, events, projects or organizations in recognition of outstanding service to arts education in our schools.

Who can be nominated?

The nominees must be either OCDSB staff or members of the community.

Who can nominate?

Any individual or group may submit a nomination.

What are the categories?

  • Elementary Staff Awards in Dance, Drama, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Music (Primary/Junior, Intermediate), Visual Arts or Integrated Arts
  • Secondary Staff Awards in Dance, Drama, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts or Integrated Arts
  • Leadership in the Arts Award
  • Event Award: Elementary – Visual Display; Elementary – Concert/Play
  • Event Award: Secondary
  • Community Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – The Marjorie Loughrey Lifetime Achievement Award

What are the criteria?

Staff Awards: Elementary or Secondary: Innovative programming in the way arts is delivered through the curriculum during the current year, 2011-2012. This award is meant for OCDSB employees. The Integrated Arts awards are meant for integration of the arts into other areas of the curriculum (i.e. social studies, mathematics, etc.) rather than for specific special events.

Leadership in the Arts Award: Significant contribution and exceptional commitment to Arts programming by an individual in a leadership or administrative position in or associated with the OCDSB.

Event Awards: An exceptional event, exhibition or arts package, that occurred or was created during the 2010-2012 year. Separate Elementary Event awards will be made for Visual Art displays and for concerts/plays.

Community Award: Exceptional community contributions to arts education during the current year school year. This award is meant for a community volunteer, individual or group.

OCDSB Arts Recognition Awards Nomination Form pdf

Marjory Loughrey Lifetime Achievement Award: Continual and distinguished excellence in arts education over the course of a career spanning at least 25 years. This award is available for OCDSB employees or community members, but can only be awarded once to the same individual.

The Marjorie Loughrey Artists in the Schools Program pdf
The Marjorie Loughrey Artists in the Schools Program Application Form pdf

How do I submit my nominations?

Submit your nomination form via mail or BEAM. A letter must accompany your nomination explaining why the nominee(s) meet(s) the criteria and giving the background information and your reasons. Other documentation (e.g. short videos, CDs, photographs) may accompany your submission.

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