Kelly Yang – Student Award – Elementary Exhibition – Crystal Bay

Kelly Yang – Crystal Bay Centre for Special Education

Kelly is a student at Crystal Bay Centre for Special Education. She is primarily a non-verbal communicator with developing fine motor skills. Kelly’s curriculum at Crystal Bay is focused on her strengths and needs as outlined in her Individual Education Plan. All of the art activities and other curriculum tasks Kelly completes keep in mind her daily goals – to meet as many communication, fine and gross motor, literacy and numeracy goals as possible. In short, most tasks are specifically
designed with the student strengths and needs in mind. Kelly is an amazing student in our class! She is headstrong, has a fantastic sense of humour and is learning to communicate more effectively using our Core Vocabulary and approximations of American Sign Language (ASL). Kelly often struggles to complete tasks independently. She needs handover-hand prompting and direct verbal prompts to complete many routines and activities in her daily life. She uses her ASL signs without prompting, and is able to effectively use our core vocabulary PECS more organically. Kelly will also make choices independently for her project, she will choose colours, mediums and the process with very little staff input. When Kelly engages in art activities she experiences a higher degree of independence. Her
communication skills blossom and she is full of joy, excited to show her peers and classroom staff her works of art! Kelly has shown such growth this year. Her willingness to try new and unfamiliar tasks has increased, her communication has blossomed and her ability to use her familiar ASL signs appropriately has shown
tremendous growth. We are so excited to see where this journey in selfexpression and self-determination will take her as the years progress at Crystal Bay.