Kate Ryckman – Volunteer – Elementary – Stittsville

Kate Ryckman (artistkate.com) – Stittsville Public School

Kate Ryckman, a local working artist, gave the most precious gift to Stittsville Public School (SPS) this past year – the gift of Art. At the beginning
of the school year, the Safe and Caring Schools Committee spearheaded the idea of an Art Show. They agreed that the best time to get the most parent engagement would be during parent teacher interviews – in November. With only two months to create and organize the exhibition, Kate was able to turn this tight deadline into a beautiful opportunity to connect with students and help increase the sense of community and acceptance. She shared her passion of creating mixed media art with everyone. Kate taught the students how to be creative, that mistakes can be a beautiful aspect of the creative process and an essential part of learning. Kate’s superpower is her ability to connect all subjects into a form of art. Students were engaged because she made it fun, geared sessions to student’s abilities and provided a rich well-rounded experience. The SPS Art Show, was a great success. Students felt proud of being included in an event where the differences in their paintings on the same subject were celebrated and where they could display their artistic creations to the whole school, as well as their families. This definitely strengthened
the feelings of inclusion and the bonds of community. Students, teachers, administration and the Safe and Caring Schools Committee all raved about Kate and all her efforts in making the event more than just and art show. In the words of her nominator: “Kate gave us this beautiful gift.” Without question, “Artist Kate’s” unwavering goal is to inspire others to unleash their inner artist. Her unique approach to creativity helps encourage people of all ages and skill level to stretch their creative limits and realize the beauty that can be found in imperfections. Kate’s art programs are taught in her artist studio, in our local elementary schools and community groups throughout the city.