How Parents Can Help

Just as the ACA champions, enriches and celebrates the arts, parents can too. Here are a number of different ways you can make a real difference in the educational experience of your children.  Pick a couple; the key thing is to do something, because every little bit helps.



  • learn more about arts programs in your school
  • be an advocate for good arts programs
  • elect an arts representative to school council
  • ask your principal if the arts can be in the School Improvement Plan


  • ask teachers how you can help
  • form an art committee with parents and teachers
  • fundraise for materials, field trips, artist-in-residence
  • explore joint funding opportunities, grants, partnerships
  • donate a gently used instrument, costume, or unused art materials
  • take your child to a performance, exhibition or studio tour


  • attend school performances and art exhibitions
  • help organize a student art exhibition or performance
  • invite your local trustee to a student show
  • nominate a teacher or student for an arts award
  • write an article that celebrates student artists
  • use your school web site to celebrate student artists

Arts materials that parents can help purchase

  • Drama, dance, music and media arts:  CDs, portable sound system, digital/video camera, digital audio recorders, software, lighting
  • Music:  piano or electric keyboard, class set of recorders, hand-drum, ukuleles
  • Visual arts:  drying rack on wheels, paint cart, display frames

ACA Presentations to School Councils

Members of ACA are happy to make presentations at school council meetings, zone meetings and other gatherings of parents and educators. Our “Amazing ACA Arts Show” includes a 20-minute power point presentation, 10 to 20-minute discussion, and handouts. For more detailed information, visit our School Presentations page.To book a presentation, contact David Jones or Evelyn Michaud chair (at) acaottawa (dot) ca.