Each year, thousands of OCDSB students benefit from exceptional teachers and school volunteers who use their own creativity, intelligence and perseverance to inspire the same in others. The ACA encourages principals, staff and parents to show their appreciation by nominating these individuals for awards.

ACA Awards

The OCDSB Arts Recognition Awards are presented annually by the Advisory Committee on the Arts to teachers and community volunteers in recognition of outstanding service to arts education in our schools. Awards are given to both elementary and secondary teachers, in Dance, Drama, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts and Integrated Arts. Any individual or group may submit a nomination by filling out the nomination form. See Resources page for more award opportunities.

Categories & Criteria:

1. Elementary & Secondary Teaching Awards:

For OCDSB teachers who have demonstrated innovation in Arts programming and classroom delivery. Integrated Arts awards are meant for integration of the arts into other areas of the curriculum (e.g. social studies, mathematics), or for integration of two or more arts disciplines (e.g. drama and dance). Elementary: Dance, Drama, Literary / Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts or Integrated Arts Secondary: Dance, Drama, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts

2. Event Awards – Elementary or Secondary:

For an individual or group who presented an exceptional performance or visual display in 2014-2015.

3. Arts Volunteer Award – Elementary and Secondary:

For individuals or groups who have made exceptional volunteer contributions to arts education.

4. Leadership in the Arts Award:

For an individual in an administrative or program leader position, in or associated with the OCDSB, who has made a significant contribution and exceptional commitment to Arts education.

5. Marjorie Loughrey Lifetime Achievement Award:

For an OCDSB employee or volunteer who has demonstrated continual and distinguished excellence in arts education during a career spanning a minimum of 25 years. Only awarded once to the same individual.