Clare Pelley – Volunteer – Secondary – Canterbury

Clare Pelley – Canterbury High School

Clare Pelley has spent the last 12 years giving of her time and talents to Canterbury High School. During her time there, she has held the positions of Volunteer, Fundraiser, Co-chair, and this year, will retire as Community representative on the Music Parent Support Group. Even after her youngest graduated five years ago, and is now working on his Masters in Music at Mcgill University, she stayed on. She loves the program and how it positively contributes to everyone’s lives, from the students to the school to the board and the entire community. She is an advocate for giving these programs the needed extra support with fundraising, in articular. Clare’s ability to raise funds and the profile of the school’s talented students and staff is on par with any professional fundraising organization. Everything she touches turns to gold. Her efforts have raised thousands upon thousands of dollars over the past 12 years. The Annual “Cadenza” Grade 12 year end celebration and her amazing gift baskets are only a few of her legacies. Even before her time at Canterbury, Clare did research and wrote numerous reports in the 1980’s, taking part in provincial review about the state of Arts Education in Ontario. In 1987, Trustee Marjorie Loughery brought forward a motion to the Board to create the ACA
which was developed to create a formal Arts policy that would provide a liaison between the Board, local Arts groups and other jurisdictions and spearheaded the Arts Program at Cantebury. Clare’s extraordinary volunteer efforts are an extension of who she is as a person. She is extremely kind, patient and fair to all members of the Music Parent Group. She is also an exceptional and patient mentor to new volunteers. As an advocate, Clare always puts the interests of students first. She cares deeply about the music program, and it shows.