Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

We advocate for the use of the arts as a means of building bridges between learning, well-being and equity.


We believe every elementary school should have a qualified creativity specialist (arts teacher) to support inter-disciplinary project-based learning.

The arts naturally teach problem-solving, communication, resiliency and creativity while supporting inter-disciplinary, project-based learning, well-being and equity.

Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Year 1 – 2017-18 (Almost Done!!!)

  • Needs Analysis + Gap Analysis (Sept-Oct)
    • Where are we?
    • Where do we want to go?
    • What is stopping us?
    • How do we change to meet our goals?
  • Vision & Mission – establish ACA philosophy in research (Nov)
    • Highlight the arts as process over product
    • Align our mission with OCDSB Exit Outcomes
    • Include the 21st Century Competencies Discussion Document in our mission
    • Link the arts to well-being & equity
    • Develop a strategic plan


  • ACA Media – develop 21st century infrastructure (Dec – Jan)
    • Branding
    • Re-design website
    • Set-up social media network
    • Digitize Arts Recognition Awards nomination process
  • Outreach (Feb)
    • Advocacy – build community
      • Liaise with OCASC
      • Establish formal connection with University of Ottawa teacher education candidates
      • Coordinate with OCDSB Communications department
    • Advisory – recommendations to the Board
      • Represent arts interests and concerns to the Board
      • Recommend change based on research and evidence
  • Administration (Mar-June)
    • Bring Awards ceremonies forward into same calendar year
    • Develop website and social media
    • Promote and administer Arts Recognition Awards
      • Digitize nomination process
      • Promote nomination process through OCDSB Communications, OCASC & community
    • Recommend to the Board
      • Create position of Pilot Project Art Instructional Coach (PPAIC)
        • Sanction a third Arts Instructional Coach with a specific mandate to:
          • Engage in a pilot project/qualitative study of the use of the arts as a significant method of engagement to meet well-being and equity mandates
          • Focus on elementary schools
          • Guided by the network and observations amassed by the current arts instructional coaches
        • 2018 – Get Board buy-in
          • Matches OCDSB exit outcomes
          • Aligns with OCDSB strategic plan
          • Extends most recent international research in educational best practices (project-based learning, creativity, communication, well-being, critical thinking)

Year 2 – 2018-19

  • ACA Media
    • Review media presence
    • Make necessary changes and/or additions
  •  Outreach
    • Advocacy – grow arts advocacy community
      • Liaise with OCASC
        • Request arts coordinators on all school councils
        • Provide guidance for OCASC Arts coordinators
      • Develop relationships
        • with OCDSB Committee on Equity
        • with ETFO
      • Recruit volunteers through OCDSB Communication
        • Direct volunteers on how best to support OCDSB Arts mandates as well as the OCDSB Arts Instructional Coaches
      • Promote the Arts Recognition Awards
      • Contact Ministry of Education about new Arts Curriculum Guide
    • Advisory – recommendations to the Board
      • Advocate for the arts as essential tools for learning, well-being and equity
      • Represent arts interests and concerns to the Board
      • Recommend change based on research and evidence
      • Participate in the OCDSB strategic plan development
      • Support the Arts Instructional Coaches with their pilot project
  • Administration
    • Promote and administer Arts Recognition Awards
    • Assist recommended pilot project into the arts, well-being and equity

Year 3 – 2019-2020

  • Outreach
    • Maintain and build relationships with
      • OCASC
      • OCDSB Committee on Equity
      • University of Ottawa teacher candidates
      • ETFO
    • Build relationship with City of Ottawa Arts Centres
    • Build relationship with Ministry of Education
  •  Administration
    • Plan for election of new chair
    • Develop ACA strategic plan 2021-2025
    • Advise OCDSB on arts, learning, well-being and equity
    • Initiate needs analysis of pilot project in learning through arts
      • What are the results?
      • Is there need for renewal?
      • What is the funding structure?
    • Promote and administer Arts Recognition Awards